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  • 04:42 Googoosh - Hamkhooneh

    Googoosh - Hamkhooneh

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  • 04:27 Googoosh - Man Aamadeam

    Googoosh - Man Aamadeam

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    unforgettable song

  • 03:56 Googoosh - گوگوش مخلوق

    Googoosh - گوگوش مخلوق

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    داغ یك عشق قدیمو اومدی تازه كردیشهر خاموش دلم رو تو پر آوازه كردیآتش این عشق كهنه دیگه خاكستری بوداومدی وقتی تو سینه نفس آخری بودبه عشق تو زنده بودم منو كشتیدوباره زنده كردیدوست داشتم دوسم داشتی منو كشتیدوباره زنده كردیتا تویی تنها بهانه واسه زنده بودنممن

  • 04:32 Googoosh - Man Amade Am

    Googoosh - Man Amade Am

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    Googoosh Man Amade am

  • 04:44 Googoosh - Hejrat

    Googoosh - Hejrat

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    persian pop 70's

  • 07:47 Dariush - Yavare Hamishe Momen

    Dariush - Yavare Hamishe Momen

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  • 02:34 Dariush - Heydar Baba

    Dariush - Heydar Baba

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    Beautiful Azerbaijanian Song by, DARIUSH...

  • 10:09 Dariush - Glayeh

    Dariush - Glayeh

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    Dariush Eghbali is my best favour singer,may be this is nothing in which I could do for him,but I try to do my bestI listened to his voice in the childish era with my uncles when they're his hottest fans, I feel overall my early eras memories in the Dariu

  • 01:46 Dariush - Shaghayegh

    Dariush - Shaghayegh

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    Dariush Eghbali - Shaghayegh in Rangarang show

  • 04:05 Dariush - Vatan

    Dariush - Vatan

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    Music video to Dariush´s Vatan.وطن پرنده پـــر در خونوطن شكفته گـل در خونوطن فلات شهید و شبوطن پا تا به سر خــونوطن تـــرانه زنــدانیوطن قصیده ویــرانیستاره‌ها اعدامیان ظلمتبه خاك اگرچه می‌ریزندسحر دوباره بر می‌خیزندبخوان كه دوباره بخوانداین عشیره زندانیگ

  • 03:53 Dariush - Age Cheshmat Began Are

    Dariush - Age Cheshmat Began Are

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    Iranian Music clip from the Movie Faryad Zire Ab published in Iran in 1970´s with Dariush.کوهو ميذارم رو دوشمرخت هر جنگو می پوشمموجو از دريا می گيرمشيره ی سنگو می دوشمميارم ماهو تو خونهمی گيرم با دو نشونههمه ی خاک زمينومی شمارم دونه به دونهاگه چشمات بگن آ

  • 05:08 Dariush - Faryaad zire ab

    Dariush - Faryaad zire ab

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    Music Clip From the Movie Faryad Zire Aab running in Iran 1970´s, with Dariush and Shohrehh Solati.ضيافت هاي عاشق را خوشا بخشش . خوشا ايثارخوشا پيدا شدن در عشق . براي گم شدن درياچه دريايي ميان ماست . خوشا ديدار ما در خوابچه اميدي به اين ساحل . خوشا فرياد

  • 03:28 Dariush - Dasthaye to

    Dariush - Dasthaye to

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    Dariush - Dasthaye to

  • 01:05 Shahram Solati - untitled

    Shahram Solati - untitled

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    Shohreh&shahram solati ft. fereidoon farokhzad live in mikhake noghreyi show back in 70's

  • 03:42 faramarz aslani - Roozgar

    faramarz aslani - Roozgar

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    One of the best Iranian/Persian singers/performars ever. Great voice, great style and deep lyrics....

  • 01:35 faramarz aslani - Midooni del asire

    faramarz aslani - Midooni del asire

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    midooni del asire by faramarz aslani in mikhake noghreyi show, (Fereidoon farrokhzad show) back in 70's

  • 03:02 faramarz aslani - Midooni del asireGo

    faramarz aslani - Midooni del asireGo

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    midooni del asire by faramarz aslani with kamran and hoomanFaramarz Aslani Va Aseef

  • 03:49 faramarz aslani - Age ye roozGo

    faramarz aslani - Age ye roozGo

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    This one of the most beutiful songs in Persian Language. Unfortunatly i didn`t heard much songs from Aslani but i also know he and Dariush have an album about Molana and his songs in that Album are great have the video aswell. I Put the English translatis

  • 03:19 Aref - Mage' Na

    Aref - Mage' Na

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    Aref Sings Mage' Na .."A Note from the Director: This video has been made for the pleasure and enjoyment of YouTube users. Some of the images that you see and the music that you listen to are over 30 years old, and the Copyright Ownership of them are not

  • 04:35 Ahdieh - Baz Amadi

    Ahdieh - Baz Amadi

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    I am pretty sure i have also a video clip of this song i will upload it later if i find it. Ahdieh was the female SInger in Most of the Persian Movies she probably has over 2000 songs alot of them are lost or atleast hard to find.