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  • Dariush Eghballi

    Dariush Eghballi

        Born February 4, 1951 is a Persian (Iranian) pop singer. Dariush Eghbali was born in Miyaneh and spent his early years in Karaj and Kurdistan. His talent was first recognized at an early age of nine, when he appeared on stage at his school. Hassan Khayatbashi introduced him to the public at the age of twenty through Iranian television. He immediately became popular with his legendary song “Do not tell me you love me” his contemporary and unique style opened a new era in the Iranian music.

    Dariush has never compromised his deeply held beliefs, for which he was even imprisoned and persecuted before the revolution in Iran. Whether he sings poems of Shamlou, Rumi, Hafez,shirazi and Naderpour, or lyrics of Iraj Jannati Attaie, Shahyar Ghanbari, Mina Assadi and Ardalan Sarfaraz, the one theme that runs through all his music is that of love, peace, freedom and justice. He has collaborated with such renowned artists as Babak Bayat, Farid Zoland, Ahmad Pejman, Mohammad Shams, Varoujan and many other innovative and avant guarde lyricists, musicians, and composers.

    His body of work consists of over 200 songs in 25 albums. With remarkable sensitivity and undeniable logic, he has created an astonishing repertoire and a glorious body of work. He has the ability to interpret all forms of music with consummate ease. He has dazzled audiences with great virtuosity with his bright and effervescent performances. He has had sold out performances in concert hall around the world notably: Wembley, Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Koncertoes, Greek Theatre, Universal Amphitheatre, and Palais de Congres.

    Dariush has earned the respect and love of his admirers not only because of his talent in the world of music as a performer, but also as an accomplished composer. Furthermore, his performances in the Iranian Cinema, more specifically in two films: “Yaran” and “Faryad zir-e- ab” have earned great reviews[citation needed]. Recently, his incredible amount of sheer hard work in bringing awareness and support to the world of addiction has insured his place among the mere handful of humanitarian Iranian artists who have made an impact in the lives of people with compassion and passion. Through the establishment of the Iran Recovery Center, and Ayeneh Foundation, by creating such websites as [], the first Persian website addressing substance abuse, [], the first and only website addressing all social maladies widespread among our countrymen all around the world, and his own weblog, []; through educational seminars and conferences around the world, and as a member of Amnesty International[citation needed], Dariush has raised his voice to make a difference. His goal is to create a nurturing environment conducive to allowing people to develop healthy, drug free lives, encouraging them and their family and loved ones to acquire and seek the skills to achieve sobriety and successfully maintain it, to bring social awareness regarding the plight of our countrymen and to create a bridge between those in need and those who can lend a helping hand. As such, his contributions have been recognized by the Self-Help And Recovery Exchange, which selected him to receive the Ron Simmons & Rev, Ronald L. Wright Award, for his outstanding contribution to support group participation by minority communities.

    Dariush and his music have swept the worldwide musical scene with such haunting and powerful voice that could break a heart. His inherent musicality and intelligence and the astonishing beauty of his timbre, coupled with a passionate belief in the importance of civil liberties and political and human rights has made him an international symbol of a free Iran. He has been a messenger of love and compassion to the refugees all around the world struggling to find a tiny nest away from the tyranny and suppression. As such, he has been embraced by the Arab world, with its rich musical culture, with great enthusiasm. In a recent international festival of music video and tele-media held in Bahrain, Dariush was recognized as the sole representative of contemporary Iranian music. He was awarded the highest peace trophy[citation needed]. In the closing ceremonies of the festival, Dariush sang of freedom, particularly in his homeland, Iran, and passionately expressed his firm commitment towards being the voice of awareness, bringing attention to the plight of his countrymen struggling for freedom.

    His flawless taste in music, poetry and lyrics, and his magnificent ability to touch the souls of his countrymen have been the main source of his enduring style. His engaging personality and his fierce loyalty to the need of the society has undoubtedly proven to be inspiring to the younger generation. This ever-growing impact on the younger generation, who were not even born when he began his career, as well as those who are avidly following his every move is generating over 200,000 hits a day on his website Dariush transcends the world of popular and traditional Iranian music that he has commanded for over three decades, and has awarded the most glorious spot in the heart and soul of his countrymen all over the world. Read more »
  • Mozhdah Jamalzadah


    About Mozhdah Jaan in her own words….

    Hi all you lovely people who are taking the time to check out my music!! I would like to thank you so much for your kindness, and support. Your sweet comments and messages constantly encourage me to move forward.

    It has always been in my blood, but I discovered my love for music only five years ago. I guess I was too busy reading my novels, writing poetry, and painting murals. I didn’t realize I was missing out on what would become a very important, and meaningful part of my life. I would like to thank Habib jan Qaderi for giving me a chance, and helping me realize my dream.

    I started taking vocal lessons with Wahid jan Omid after my parents agreed I needed an exra curricular activity during highshcool (another hobbie). You can say my run in with music was a wonderful accident. I really have to thank my parents for that. I continued my vocal lessons for two years, and at the same time enrolled in the British Columbia Conservatory of Music where I studied Opera for another two years. After graduating Secondary School with honors, I finished a program in Broadcast Journalism at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I’m currently studying Philosophy, and Political Science at the University of B.C.

    When I found free time, I modeled for Fashion Week, Asian women’s magazine, and worked for Charles Stuart at Faces West Int’l Modeling convention. I also worked in a few movies as a background performer…the latest one would be Fantastic 4 part 2 (Scene: the bachelor party).

    I am currently working on my first album which will be released in 2008, bakhair! Stay tuned for more songs and videos in the meantime. Thank you again for your support. I can’t wait to meet all of you once I go on tour inshallah.

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  • Arash

    Platinum-selling singer and producer ARASH stakes his claim as one of the biggest pop music sensations to originate from Sweden, home to such pop pioneers as Abba and Ace of Base. But, it's the distinction of being the only music impresario of Persian heritage whose success has translated into the Western and European mainstream music market that makes his story one for the history books.

    Following the three-year crest of success emphatically spearheaded by the release of his self-titled debut Warner Music album ("Arash)" in 2005, Arash is ready to parlay his unprecedented musical rise from Malmoe to MTV into a dynamic sophomore album that is sure to ignite the zeal of his super fans and garner the curious ear of millions of new admirers.

    The project, appropriately titled Donya (World), and tentatively set for release in May, features a global sound that injects the listener with a lethal rhythm of western production and mediterranean harmony. The blockbuster first single, "Donya," is a buzz-inducing collaboration with Kingston, Jamaican reggae maestro SHAGGY, whose career has been defined by a string of platinum-selling U.S. singles in the last decade and collaborations with such megastars as Janet Jackson. The 14-track evolution also features cameos by U.S. radio darling and international phenomenon LUMIDEE, Swedish rap pioneer and certified hitmaster Timbuktu, and more.

    Donya spectacularly hypnotizing follow up to the debut that made Arash a household in many European countries and saw the young pop icon reach the top of the charts in Sweden, Austria , Germany , Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Israel, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and the Czech Republic, just to name a few. He has gone gold in 5 countries and has accumulated airplay on MTV outlets in more than 35 countries, and with his new album called Donya an eclectic convergence of rock, hip-hop, dance and world ballads, the 2-year long residency Arash undertook in his studio has paid immense artistic dividends.

    Accolades and recognition from major global entities have been many and frequent for Arash, including his recent victory in Cannes, France when he was exulted as Sweden's most successful debut artist in 2005 at the International Music Market, and the inclusion of a reprise of his No. 1 smash hit, "Boro Boro" in the blockbuster Bollywood flick "Bluffmaster," which also featured Arash's big-screen debut in a cameo. The subsequent year, world-renowned sports magazine Sports Illustrated tabbed his FIFA World Cup ballad - an ode to his native country's national soccer team - as one of the top 3 such songs of the year, a distinction shared by pop musician RICKY MARTIN a few years earlier. Later in 2006, he won 2 Grammys in Russia and was recognized as the top import artist in all of Russia.

    The future is bright for Arash, and his melodic flame has yet to reach to its pinnacle. And with the release of Donya, the whole World will feel the fire that is this artist's musical legacy.

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  • Valy

    I was born on May 29th, in the pilgrim's city of Mashad in Iran. It was a very rainy day, as my parents have told me. I grew up in the most beautiful city in Germany, Heidelberg.

    As a child I would always sing songs from my favorite movies. y parents recognized very early what had to be done. My father, who was a musician, showed me how to play different instruments. My mother, God bless her, was the best mother in the world. She let me know that it is all about the passion one has within them that really matters.

    It's with this passion that I have for music that I express myself. When I sing, and I am on stage in front of thousands of fans, I sing from my heart. I put my heart and passion into my music. Music is all the same whether it be Afghan, Iranian, Arabic, Indian, American and so on. What really matters is the love that one has behind it.

    I had met my team in 2006 and everything changed from that point on. Of course, even before I had met them I was earning money through music but at that point I didn’t really know what my future had in store for me. My team motivated me and after 11 months of hard work and dedication, the songs were ready and my debut Album “After Love” hit stores on October 19, 2007. Many people have asked me over the months whether I am Iranian or Afghan and why I sing in different languages.

     It’s difficult for me to answer these types of questions because where I am from plays no role. What is really important to me is who I sing for, I sing for you! My fans, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here performing on stage for all of you. I am not a peacemaker or someone that starts a struggle for peace just to sell albums. To me, politics makes no difference what so ever. We are all human and music is one of the things that we all have in common. :) I believe in all religions but I know that the most powerful religion in this world is LOVE.

    Love is something that surpasses everything. Love brings us all together as one. Love will take us to the highest places as hate takes us no where. A little message to my fans: I love it when I see how often you visit my homepage, or how often you look at my videos on Youtube. You are the ones that give me energy and keep me going. I hope that I am able to one day visit all my fans all over the world. I hope we see each other on tour! I hope that you all come to my concerts all around the world, but make sure you leave your concerns and problems at home, because I want to sing with you, dance with you, and laugh with you.

     I am always here to listen to all your problems. I will personally take the time to solve all your problems. If something is bothering you or you are upset about something, do send me a message. Although it may take me some time to reply your messages (because I am either on tour, traveling, or I just get a lot of messages and can’t always get to all of them at once) I will take the time to answer them myself that way you get my individual attention. You have all always been there for me, and I will always be there for you :)

    Yours Truly, Valy  Read more »
  • Afshin

      Afshin was born on the 6th of May 1978 in Babol, a town in northern Iran. Afshin is one
    of the biggest Persian pop stars. His music is fresh and new, merging Persian lyrics and
    musical traditions with Western pop.

      He was good unti he decided to become s**t His album “Maach” had big hits such as the
    album titled song “Mach” and “Dige azat Badam Miyad”.

      He has collaborated with his brother Amir Ali to make a nice mixture of Persian pop themes
    with German lyrics. His lyrics are simple and prefered by the younger generation.

      He once claimed he is thinking of put an end to his singing career because of personal
    reasons,but his fans hope he keeps singing and making music forever. Read more »